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Obfuscation Encryption White-box Cryptography

Mobile Application Encryption (Shielding)

Many mobile devices use Android OS, but the operating system has quite a few risks and vulnerabilities due to open source attributes and characteristics. Plenty of free hacking tools available to download from Internet that let anyone easily reverse engineer or even trojanize an Android app. Gartner predicts that as much as 75% of mobile breaches will be traced back to mobile apps by 2017. Any such breach can have far-reaching consequences for the involved organizations. There are a number of threats to unprotected Android app, such as malware injection, intellectual property theft, piracy and data theft.

AppShield provides advanced security features tailor-made for Android app. It secure your Android app against cloning, piracy, tampering, debugging and key extraction by applying multiple techniques not limited to encryption of classes, assets, resource files, native libraries and VMP. AppShield also offers runtime application self-protection (RASP) to secure you app against runtime behavior modification by running the integrity checks and protect against debugging to eliminated data or code leakage. AppShield features: 


  • Integrity Protection
  • APK signature Verification

File encryption

  • Assets file encryption
  • Resources(res) file encryption
  • Support all static file encryption

Data encryption

  • Database
  • Cache
  • Logs
  • Support all dynamic generated file encryption

So Encryption

  • SO file decompile protection
  • Process memory protection
  • SO file tamper proof protection
  • Anti-theft file protection
  • Code compression


  • DEX file encryption
  • Class file encryption
  • DEX mixture encryption
  • Code conversion(Java to Native)
  • Virtual machine protection(VMP)


  • Dynamic debugging protection
  • Process memory protection(protect against Editors)
  • Dynamic injection protection

AppShield for Android features automated, comprehensive, and customization protection for application developed on mobile platform. AppShield obfuscate application code to protect mobile application from reverse engineering, repackaging attack and add security functionality directly to applications for the active prevention and detection of application-level intrusion.